Lighting & Effects

Lighting is the key to setting the mood and creating a memorable visual experience at your event. It often helps transform dull or plain venues into spaces of colour bringing them to life. Lighting can also help to draw attention to speakers, singers, objects or bands and help point out specific areas such as food or bar areas. Focused lighting can be used to add atmosphere by washing walls, floors and ceilings with ambient light to match your decor or colour theme. Lighting also plays a big part in your photography adding that extra touch to your photos.

Speak to one of our lighting experts now to see what type of lighting would work best at your event.

  • Disco Lighting

    Disco Lighting

    Ideal for getting the party started. We have a range of dazzling DJ effect lighting which will create the perfect party or club atmosphere to keep your crowd going all night long.
  • Follow Spot

    Follow Spots

    Essential for awards ceremonies and big private events. Follow spots hold a bright spotlight on people, such as award winners walking up to the stage or performers such as singers on stage. These have even been used for bride and groom entrances into venues.
  • LED Uplighting

    LED Uplighting

    Used for transforming the colour of venues by washing walls, ceilings, pillars, windows and alcoves. Have your venue walls transformed into any colour you wish making your event bespoke and personal. Ideal for wedding decor or even to compliment the theme of a conference or stage show.
  • Gobo Lighting

    Gobo Lighting

    Perfect for product launches or company seminars and meetings where brand awareness is a key issue. Project your messages or logos across the floors, walls or even ceilings of your chosen venue.
  • Haze Machine

    Haze Machines

    Hazers are designed to produce a vapour cloud which makes light beams stand out for a greater effect. Can be used prior to or during an event to enhance the impact of your lighting.


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